July 2023



1) Risk Management Guidelines:


AEDs (Automated Electrical Defibrillators)


Alcoholic Beverages at Educational Facilities


Carnival Activity Events


             Field Trip Guidelines:


      Field Trips …(Table of Contents)


      Field Trip Review & Approval


      Field Trip Excursions Recommended & Discouraged by CRSIG


                 Risk Management Guidelines for CRSIG Recommended Trips & Excursions:


         Amusement Parks


         Climbing Walls


         Deep Sea Fishing Excursions


         Downhill Skiing or Snowboarding


         Exploration of Abandoned Mines


         Fishing From a Boat in a Lake




         Hiking Excursions


         Ice Skating in Commercial Rinks


         Out of State and Overnight


         Parades and Student Participitation


         Ropes or Challenge Courses


         Sailing Vessels Anchored - In a Bay or Lake


         Science Based Tide Pool/Shoreline Excursions


         Swimming Activities


         Whale Watching


                 Sample Forms:


         Sample Form & Tips


         Field Trip Approval Form


         Field Trip Emergency Plan


Graduation Celebration Committees


Helicopter Landings at Schools


Homecoming Activities


Live Animals


Medications & SHARPS Disposal


Open Gyms


Parades On & Off School Sites


Personal Items, Appliances & Furniture


Playground Supervision


Risk Levels/Liability Limits/Prohibited Events


School Operated Swimming Pools


School Site Activities (End of Yr., Fundraising, etc.)


Student Transportation


Use of Dry Ice




Workout Room – Use By Employees


2) Risk Management Forms:

Accident Report


Alcoholic Beverages at Educational Facilities Sample Policy


Athletic Permission and Hold Harmless


Field Trip & Excursion Parent Permission, Immunity Release, Med. Tx


Hold Harmless Language Samples:


Hold Harmless & Indemnification Agreement


Mutual Hold Harmless – Schools


Special Events Insurance Application: (HUB International Ins. Services)




Volunteer Personal Automobile Use Form


Non-District Provided Transportation


Non-Dist. Provided Transp.- Field Trips & Excursions-Private Vehicles


CRSIG Student Transportation Options & Forms Matrix




Waivers and Sign-In and Sign-Out Logs


Gym – Public Member Use of Gymnasium


Gym – Employee Use of Gymnasium


Gym – Open Gym Permission and Hold Harmless-Student


Gym – Use of Gymnasium Sign-In and Sign-Out Log


Workout Room – Use of Workout Room By Employees


Workout Room – Employee Work Out Room Sign-In and Sign-Out Log