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Fri., July 19, 2024

Custodian Training Day
Stanislaus COE - 8:00a.m.

Fri., July 19, 2024

Pesticide Applicator Safety Training
Stanislaus COE - 9:00a.m.

Mon., July 22, 2024

Pesticide Applicator Safety Training
Los Banos USD - 9:00a.m.

Thus., July 25, 2024

Custodian Training Day
Empire Union SD - 8:00a.m.

Thus., July 25, 2024

Pesticide Applicator Safety Training
Empire Union SD - 9:00a.m.

Fri., July 26, 2024

Custodian Training Day
Stanislaus Union SD - 8:00a.m.

Fri., July 26, 2024

Pesticide Applicator Safety Training
Stanislaus Union SD - 9:00a.m.

Thurs., August 8, 2024

Custodian Training Day
Salida Union SD - 8:00a.m.

Wed., August 7, 2024

Pediatric First Aid and CPR Hybrid
CRSIG Training Room
4101 Tully Rd, Suite 501

Fri., August 9, 2024

Pediatric First Aid and CPR
CRSIG Training Room
4101 Tully Rd, Suite 501

Fri., August 9, 2024

Pediatric First Aid and CPR Hybrid
CRSIG Training Room
4101 Tully Rd, Suite 501

Workers' Compensation

CRSIG’s Workers' Compensation Program is self-insured. Therefore, unique programs have been created with special features that provide the injured worker the support to return to work as soon as reasonably possible. Among those features are:

Hotline - # (877-247-1445)

Injured employees can call a toll free intake line and speak directly to a nurse regarding a potentially compensable incident, and be directed to a designated physician or occupational clinic for treatment. CRSIG’s occupational injury partners are hand-selected based on quality of care, their understanding of workers' compensation laws, and the needs of member districts and employees. This partnering generally allows for the scheduling of non-emergency medical care usually the same day, expediting the employee's care while also ensuring that costs and evaluations are appropriate under all circumstances.

Return to Work Program & Specialist
CRSIG established a Structured Return to Work Program in 2008. Our Members have developed a pre-identified listing of modified duty tasks for injured employees. CRSIG’s Return to Work Specialist obtains the work restrictions from the physician, contacts the Member to gain assistance in the modified duty placement, and works to bring the employee back into the workplace. This approach also keeps the employee engaged in the workplace, easing the transition back into his/her regular position. These components in conjunction with the overall processes and people involved in the administration of workers' compensation claims maximize the best outcomes for the injured worker and the member districts.
Contact our Return to Work Specialist:
Kari Hornberger
Phone (209) 531-3181
Fax (209) 579-5288


When an employee is injured at work, follow these instructions:

If an EMERGENCY (life threatening injury): Call 911 or go to the nearest hospital
For NON-EMERGENCY injuries: Workers' Compensation Pamphlets MPN Directory www.simon-companies.com

Participating Members

Central Region School Insurance Group

Oakdale Joint Unified School District

Ceres Unified School District

Paradise Elementary School District

Chatom Union School District

Patterson Unified School District

Denair Unified School District

Riverbank Unified School District

Empire Union School District

Roberts Ferry Union School District

Gratton School District

Salida Union School District

Hart-Ransom Union School District

Shiloh School District

Hickman Community Charter District

Stanislaus County Office of Education

Hughson Unified School District

Stanislaus Union School District

Keyes Union School District

Turlock Unified School District

Knights Ferry Elementary School District

Valley Home Joint School District

Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District

Waterford Unified School District