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Tue., July 14, 2020

Custodian Training Day
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Tue., July 14, 2020

Pesticide Applicator Safety Training
9:00 am

Thurs., July 23, 2020

Pesticide Applicator Safety Training
12:10 pm

Tue., July 28, 2020

Custodian Training Day
8:00 am

Tue., July 28, 2020

Pesticide Applicator Safety Training
9:00 am

Fri., August 7, 2020

Custodian Training Day
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Mon., September 21, 2020

CRSIG Annual Board Member Forum & Meeting
12:25 pm

Deadly Weapons Response Program

CRSIG purchases a Deadly Weapons Response Program for members of the Property & Liability program.

This is a Crisis Service to assist members through an event occuring at a scheduled location where a weapon has been used or brandished. A weapon is broadly defined as any portable or handheld device, instrument, or substance which is used by the Assailant(s) in a manner to deliberately cause death or bodily injury. "Weapon" can also include any road vehicles intended for us on public roads.

Coverage provides $500,000 per claim with the following sub-limits:
Information Security and Privacy Liability

Crisis Management: $250,000 per event

Counseling Services: $250,000 per event

Funeral Expenses: $250,000 per event

1st Party Property Damage: $250,000 per event

Business Interruption: $250,000 per event



If a Deadly Weapon Event occurs or is believed to have occurred, contact CrisisRisk via the 24 hour Crisis Management Response Team.

Telephone # 860-677-3790

Deadly Weapon Event Notification:

As soon as reasonably practicable, notify:

CrisisRisk Strategies, LLC
492 Old Sackett Road
New York, NY 12775

Email: Susan Adams
Website: www.crisisrisk.com